Refugee to Queen!

Refugee to Queen!

A refugee became a queen! It's our new collection, and, of course, it's about AEK's progress over time! From April 13, 1924, to our days, it is a club that has played an important role in shaping the sports culture of Greece.

AEK has been associated with the uprooting of Greeks from Asia Minor and carries the values of the refugees. While the moments in AEK's history are countless, we have captured some of them.

Sergio Araujo celebrating for AEK FC

The path to the semi-final stage of the UEFA Cup in 1977 and the participation in the 1999 friendly match against Partizan in Belgrade, the furious celebration of Demis Nicolaidis together with AEK fans also in 1999, but also the 'M' formed by Sergio Araujo to honor the memory of the deceased Michalis Katsouris in 2023, are our stops in the stream of AEK's 100-year march!

Road to Eternity teeHere's a brief history of AEK FC!

Founded on April 13, 1924, Athletic Union of Constantinople, commonly known as AEK FC, is one of Greece's oldest and most successful football clubs. The team originated in the Greek city of Constantinople and relocated to Athens following the Greco-Turkish War.


AEK FC has a rich history of achievements, notably winning the Greek Super League 12 times and the Greek Football Cup 15 times. The club's golden era occurred in the 1960s and 1970s under the guidance of legendary coach Branko Stanković, securing domestic and international success.

In 1977, AEK FC reached the semifinals of the UEFA Cup, a remarkable feat in the club's history. The team's passionate fan base, known as the "Original 21," has played a vital role in creating a formidable atmosphere at their home ground, the "Hagia Sophia" stadium!


Over the years, AEK FC has faced financial challenges, including relegation to lower divisions, but the club has consistently demonstrated resilience, returning to top-flight football and maintaining its status as a formidable force in Greek football. AEK FC continues to be a symbol of pride for its fans, embodying a rich legacy and a commitment to success on the pitch.