Why does AEK Fan prefer "Refugee to Queen"?

Why does AEK Fan prefer "Refugee to Queen"?

All the symbolism behind your favorite design!

When we decided to create the first series that would be directly related to Greek sports, the completion of 100 years since the foundation of AEK was a great moment, but also an opportunity for inspiration. The first goal was not to run out of plans, so we had to condense important moments of AEK into 5 plans.

A difficult case, if one considers that the "Enosis" has countless notable, important or even grandiose moments, while it has highlighted special sports figures who stand the test of time and whose achievements are passed down from generation to generation. The designs we created to celebrate with you the 100 years since the foundation of AEK were the following: "One of us", "Human Targets", "Road to Eternity", "M for Michalis" and "Refugee to Queen" . The truth is that you embraced all the plans and depending on the experiences of each generation, you chose the one with which you will march proudly in Dekelias on the way to "Agia Sophia".

The best seller though is "Refugee to Queen" with a small lead. But what does this particular design depict? Some symbolism is obvious, some not, let's decode them together! First of all, let's say that the design was created by Thalia Bitha, one of the most notable and talented illustrators of her generation, who, in addition to her design skills, has a sensitivity and adoration for history. Absolutely important elements, for him to be able to approach the specific plan.

So initially the idea was about a refugee, who turns into a queen! This is the painful history of refugee Hellenism, but also of AEK. From 1922 onwards, when the Greek populations were also expelled from Asia Minor and the regions of Constantinople and the Pontus, entire generations set out to stand on their feet and create on the ashes of destruction, refugees and war. The drawing depicts a woman - symbol looking in different directions. On the one hand what he left (the church of "Agia Sophia" in Polis with the Christian cross on the dome), on the other what he created (the stadium of "Agia Sophia" in New Philadelphia with the unquenchable flame of reconstruction and around of the refugee homes).

The eagle's wings cover and protect the two women. The refugee has in her hand the AEK player, who according to the team's anthem "shoots to break the posts and tear the opponent's nets, conquering the glory". On the other hand, the queen has now recovered her powers and holds a sword, a symbol of justice and power. The laurel that appears in the design, symbolizes victory, glory and spiritual evolution. The great European success of 1968, when AEK won the European Cup Winners' Cup in basketball, is present in the design. A player in period clothing is almost flying and waving the weighty trophy that AEK won with Americanos, Tronzos, Zupas and the rest of the great players of that team. Small detail, the boat in which the refugees traveled. It is a symbolism related to the hardships experienced by refugees and the precious time of their lives spent returning to safety and prosperity.

So these are the symbolisms of your favorite design. You can always buy it by clicking here!